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How To Use Your Detox Pearls

1. Wash your hands if you have long nails consider having your forefingers cut down.

2. Shave your vagina and armpits if you have hair growth on your breast neck or chin area, consider waxing rather than shaving. If you have hair around your anal region please also shave that area.

3. Wash with the soap provided/pH balance non-fragrance natural soap. Wash your vagina but armpits breast neck and face.

4. Moisturize with the salve provide/ or a all natural salve/moisturizer massage into your vagina armpits brass neck and face.

5. Open your package containing your womb healing vaginal pearl. You are only using 1 pearl per cleanse. Place the pearl on a clean surface or napkin..

6. Unravel cord from womb healing vaginal pearl. Once unraveled you should have well over 6 inches of string to pull on when it’s time to remove your pearl.

7. Place the pearl close to your cervix. This is womb detoxing not vaginal detox. We want to cleanse the womb so you need to be able to reach your cervix with the pearl.

8. Wait 72 hours do not bother your pearl do not remove or Re-insert your pearl do not have sex either. Just continue using your soap and Moisturizer drink plenty of water..

9. After your 72 hours Remove your pearl. Once you remove your pearl wash your vagina thoroughly and massage the salve onto your vagina then use the purging pads.

10. Use purging pads for 72 hours during the 72 hours your vagina will expel Waste sometimes in my fall in the toilet try to keep an eye out for your waste/discharge/purge if you paid for a consultation you may share your photos via email Karma@soakingsensation

11. Once you finished your first cleanse you will start again unless it’s time for your period…

Y-tusi FAQ

Can I use the Yoni pearl it I have an IUD?

What might take place as I use the Pearl?
Cramping due to the pulling of the herbs cleaning you out. Itching, yeast, mucus, and watery discharges are all some of the normal affect that can take place.

Can I use the pearl if I had an hysterectomy?
Yes. In this case you will be cleaning the cervix not the womb.

Can I use the pearl while I am on my period?

Can I have sex while detoxing with the pearl?
No. You cannot have intercourse of any kind. as in nothing can penetrate you. But if you feel that you need to have some type of sexual stimulation I don’t see anything wrong with you masturbating as long as nothing penetrates you.

Can I reuse the same pearl that I took out 72 hours ago?

How will I know when I’m done detoxing with the pearl?
You will know that you are done detoxing when all the discharge has left your vagina I will recommend after you take the Pearl out after your 72 hours then you’re going to purge for 72 hours but I say wait an extra 24 to 48 hours after your purging process of 72 hours to make sure that you are done detoxing.

Can I use the pearl if I’m pregnant/breast-feeding or a virgin?

Why am I itching after I take the pearl out?
You might have a small itch due to all the toxins being drawn down to the front of the vaginal opening you can follow up with Epson salt or dead sea salt bath with a little bit of apple cider vinegar.

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